Serving as the “portal” to the Casserole Nova’s universe, the My Day section is a multifunctional window allowing users to see the tasks assigned to them, record their times, collaborate with their colleagues with the “Chitchat” function, and record all costs incurred for the given projects. This intuitive section is the one that remains open all day on your and your collaborators’ screens.

My Day is the shortest distance between your projects and their costs. Three types of costs are available, each with its own characteristics. For example, hours can be indicated as admissible to an R&D program.

One objective for Casserole Nova is to provide you with the tools to precisely gauge the projects’ costs. My Day is an excellent way to get your whole staff to collaborate toward this goal.

My Day is much more than just a “timesheet section”: it also enables the user to plan, communicate and validate. Each day on the mini-calendar not only shows the number of hours recorded, but also the number of hours planned. Weekly totals are also shown. Your company is based on fees. so you want a program that is unbeatable for its time management!

The stopwatch function allows you to calculate the time actually spent on a project by clicking a button at the start and another once the task is completed. The system then employs user-specific settings to round off the times according to your billing policy.

Of course, Casserole Nova provides diverse printing possibilities for cost reports (internal times, outsourced times and expenses) in the costing section. Here, in the My Day section, users can produce a detailed report on all times entries with just a few clicks! They can also adjust and validate their time sheets… the best way not to miss a thing!

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