Select from three types of user for your staff

Since everyone’s role is different at a company, Casserole Nova includes three types of user. Everything begins with Home Base, which includes the first Commander-level user. You can then add more Commanders, Pilots and Astronauts according to your needs. Every month, you can change the distribution and number of users, without limits.

The Casserole Nova user contract works on a monthly basis; each user must remain active for 30 days… there are no other obligations. You can cancel your subscription at any time, without penalty. If you stop using it in the first 60 days, we will refund you in full. So why not give Casserole Nova a test run?

Your Casserole Nova’s starting point: :


  • Includes one Commander access
  • Includes hosting
  • Includes unlimited service and support

🇨🇦  60 CAD / month

🇪🇺  48 EUR / month

🇺🇸  50 USD / month

Then, add all the users you need:


  • Access to My Day section
  • Access to Bla Bla
  • Access to Companies section
  • Access to Contacts section

🇨🇦  10 CAD / month

🇪🇺  8 EUR / month

🇺🇸  9 USD / month


  • All Astronaut privileges, plus:
  • Access to Tasks
  • Access to Projects
  • Access to Quotations and Invoices*
  • Access to Costs*

🇨🇦  20 CAD / month

🇪🇺  17 EUR / month

🇺🇸  18 USD / month


  • All Pilot privileges, plus:
  • Preferences configuration
  • User configuration
  • Internal costs configuration
  • Deposit management
  • Data export

🇨🇦  40 CAD / month

🇪🇺  32 EUR / month

🇺🇸  35 USD / month

* Pilots have access to Costs, Quotations and Billing, but without being able to consult internal costing rates which requires Commander access.

Let's talk!

Casserole Nova is designed by real people… who are easy to get along with, too! Don’t hesitate to contact us; we can help you select the access levels that are best-adapted to your situation.

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