Your projects’ control panel! Everything pertinent to project planning, progress and profitability is here. It’s quick and easy to record relevant information, alter the budget and consult statistics. Once it becomes clear how your projects are carried out and delivered, you can refine your processes and win at every level!
With Casserole Nova, you can create all the projects and modules you need to run a tight ship, effectively and profitably. It can handle any type of project. From mini-projects knocked off in 15 minutes to gargantuan ones with dozens of subprojects appropriating half your staff for the whole year, Casserole Nova provides all the tools you need to skilfully navigate them all. In other words: All the projects you want!
There are three project levels: project, subproject and module. Regardless of their level, they can be linked to quotations, invoices and costs and are the departure point for analyses. Each project, subproject and module contains a detailed budget from which you can assign tasks to your staff members.
As you know, a sound budget is the key to a profitable project. The budget serves as the backbone supporting every stage of the project from start to finish. Casserole Nova is a powerful yet simple way to budget projects. You determine the level of detail by grouping items and creating tasks.

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