Sooner or later, all projects must be billed. Casserole Nova can produce as many invoices as necessary and will produce your invoices from a quotation and/or the project’s costs. Invoices carry your company colors and contain as much or as little detail as you want. You can very simply generate them in PDF format or send them via email. You can also manage deposits, issue credit notes and produce statements of account. Casserole Nova closes the loop for each project, without having to copy data from one program to another!
The invoicing module can also show the balance owing and lists payments for any given invoice. Whether for partial payments, account balances or advance payments, you always have any invoice’s exact payment status.
In addition to having an invoice template displayed in your company’s image, Casserole Nova offers many ways to bill:  whether from a quotation, real costs or manually. Your billing will be more efficient and your business will run more smoothly!

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