Every project has a cost and Casserole Nova calculates it for you. Three categories are combined into the costing: time, with an hourly cost rate per user; external time, with an hourly cost rate defined by the supplier; and fees that are based on the amount billed by a supplier for goods provided or a service rendered.

Each cost entry is linked to the budget and a tracking window displays the costs related to each item.

One of the many ways to generate an invoice with Casserole Nova is to select the desired cost cards and have the program generate the invoice or add it to an existing one. The resulting invoice will be linked to a project and the cost cards will be marked as “billed”.
The cost section is at the heart of Casserole Nova because it gives the cost of each project and generates a multitude of reports that are extremely useful for analyzing your operations. The cost section’s reporting tool is your best ally for information on the profitability of a client, a department or a period. The costs section can also be very useful for reimbursing expenses incurred by staff members.

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