Chitchat is Casserole Nova‘s ubiquitous notes system found  in projects, company files, the quotations and invoicing sections, etc. You can jot down an important detail anywhere, give instructions on some task or provide sales arguments on a customer’s record. Chitchat can also address a staff member who will see the note in his or her unread “Chitchats“.
Your Casserole Nova also discreetly takes notes in the Chitchat section! They are filed in the “System Notes” category, accessible with the click of a button. The “System Notes” is a journal of changes and additions; each note records the time and name of the user who made the change.
For validation of some copy or graphics, simply send your colleague a Chitchat with an attached document. That’s right, each Chitchat can contain a document of any kind… and the database houses the document for future reference.

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